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We know how difficult it is to find time every now and then and keep up with the latest trends and events within the contemporary art sector. One also finds that the written material on art and design is excellent and credible but also verbose, difficult to read and interpret and exceedingly academic in nature.

While we love academic and scholarly writings, we also genuinely want people to know the current art scene which unfortunately they fail to invest their time in. I will now switch from ‘we’ to ‘I’. My name is Nageen and as an Industrial Designer, Writer, Blogger and Education Enthusiast/Counselor I bring this blog out for you to know all things art, design and literature from Pakistan and international, in simple words and easier language so that you may go through it easily on a day to day basis.

Please send across any comments, ideas or suggestion which you might have! You may also send out your content if you want to see it published at the blog. At BlC we also have Professional Writing Services which you might want to check out at the menu on the right hand.


Twitter: @Nageenjs



Your comments are appreciated!

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