The recent show at Gandhara art space (gallery)  in Karachi showcased works of emerging contemporary artists of the country who have already exhibited their works to encouraging reviews.

The art as you can see below is fresh, very contemporary in nature and observes quite a variety of themes. Adding some pictures below so that you can get a sense of how far Pakistani art scene has come today.

4 Haya Zaidi
Haya Zaidi
7 Noman Siddiqui
Noman Sidiqui
10 Safdar Ali
Safdar Ali
2 Arsalan Nasir
Arsalan Nasir
11 Sufyan Baig
Sufyan Baig
6 Hasan Raza
Hasan Raza
1 Amna Rahman
Amna Rehman
8 Razin Rubin
Razin Rubin
5 Haider Ali
Haider Ali

The show closed with an artists talk and has been curated by artist-curator Adeel Uz Zafar.




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