Annual Residency at Sanat Initiative

Sanat Initiative launches the Group Show for its Annual Residency at the Sanant Gallery on February 28, 2017. Curated by artist Muhammad Zeeshan, the works of the participating artists based on a week residency are diverse in their contents as well in their use of media and processes thus rendering this art show as very ‘contemporary’ in its style.

By Jovita Alvares
By Arsalan Farooqi

Themes of memory, nostalgia, peace, death and identity frequently make their way in the works of the artists. Jovita Alvares uses photo transfer as her technique to create art works that centrally capture the stills from a camel ride at a beach. In a separate room next to the gallery space is the Video projection by Arsalan Farooqi. Depicting loneliness, death and grim, a nude, horizontally placed, airborne man is shown almost swept away in an invisible current of wind. This man presumably dead is an impression of the hopes and the desires that are beyond human grasp as the realm of post death is mysterious and unknown.

By Razin Rubin

Noman Sidiqui explores material with his digital paint and fiberglass art works. He has used white pillows to portray out the feelings Karachi’s citizens who long for peace only to find hard and biting realities up close. Carefully chosen excerpts by his favorite author Mubashir Ali Zaidi are a major part of Noman’s serious works which are an amalgamation of literature, concept and simplicity however visually they are dull. Noman has also placed a bicycle (ready-made) with self-created balloons and finishes which work along similar themes. While the installation is attractive and shows skillful material and finishing handling, one feels it could have been slightly altered to a less obvious structural form which would have seen more self -created work by the artist to exert concept. Similar feelings are associated with works by Qadir Jhatial who has painted ‘99 household objects’ (also the title of his work). While the panels are boldly painted in enamel and show how essential these seemingly mundane  objects are, one feels if painting silhouettes of objects such as a hammer, tap, latto, smoking pipe and many other tools, is an significant enough theme to be a part of the annual residency. Haider Ali Naqvi skillfully draws with graphite as the rumpled paper inside glass frame is multi layered in its context and appearance. Ahmad Javed paints in the traditional miniature works which are untitled but complex and visually interesting.

By Haider Ali Naqvi

Show continues March 08.


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