Questioning Narratives with Art

As you scroll down to see the works of Pakistani artist Marium Agha, consider the few points below.

  1. Art is a tool to get one’s point of communication, reflection and meaning across to an audience.
  2. In order to get to the root of an issue highlighted via art of any media (especially strong social subjects related to gender), artists often show works which are bold (shocking for some) and literal. This is essential at times with the purpose of generating a sense of the seriousness of the issue presented.

Without seeing something for what it really is, the audience will be unable to grasp the motive and the dialogue thus wasting away the time and energy spent by the artist whose works can also come from a very personal, powerfully felt and sentimental space and consciousness.

I applaud Marium’s works, her visions and creativity which went behind the construction of these pieces.

Marium mostly prefers yarn as her medium. She questions and explores identities and cultural narratives in her art which I find very impacting, vocal and aesthetic.

Several more dialogues need to occur, no? For what are love, honor, gender roles? What is this very term ‘value’?


Life in a Butterfly’s Nest- Thread on Handkerchief
The Outcome of Courtly Love- Thread on Handkerchief


72 Virgins for my Suicide Lover
The Tutor of Love and the Textbook of Adultery- Tapestry
Perfect Love and Other Stories

And finally,

The Service of a Woman and the Heart’s Paradox




Your comments are appreciated!

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