Of Art, Love and of course, Letters. .

There must be something symbolic in receiving someone’s hand writing that conveys a message to us. For within that writing there is the time that was invested while writing it and a thought process to ensure that the meaning is correctly relayed as unlike digital communication, one has to discard the entire sheet of paper or make unaesthetic corrections on it to edit.

Writing letters to our beloveds and receiving in return brings us a part of them in our hands. To be forever cherished.

And it is specifically love and the lost art of writing letters that a group of artists have infused in their latest exhibition held at Sanat Initiative.  The re-created art of letter writing and preservation of memory within this exhibition is nostalgic, sentimental and impacting.

Where life bgins and love never ends- Mohsin Shafi
Lali Khalid
Photo taken from Sanat Initiative’s FB page
Yours truly -SAY (sic) by Fatima Saeed
Greeting Cards by Sehr Jalil
Cards- Details

Providing closure and warmth, takeaways offered to visitors in the form of printed (in hand writing style) letters with excerpts from all artists.


Show continues till Feb 23 at Sanat Initiative, Karachi




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