Fraz Mateen-Untitled

Versatile works by Eleven artists open at Art Chowke the Gallery. All of these works are an interpretation and response to the expansive and fascinating Karachi by the artists. Above you can see Mateen’s sketch which evokes feelings of dual personalities and chaos.

Rabia Shoaib-Raastay

Beautiful and sublime, this is Raastay (Ways) by Rabia Shoaib. This is such dexterous work,I would love to put this in my house.

Raheela Abro-Pani

Art has also been created on the floor of the gallery, Raheela Abro’s Pani (Water) is noteworthy in this regard. ‘Pani’ is quite literally the embodiment of the wet roads of the city as Abro paints green splashes. One wonders if very literal art which offers not much aesthetic beauty is a praise worthy feature for the exhibition though.

Mohammed Ismail-Laadla

The participating artists include not only university graduates and seasoned artists who have displayed their works extensively but also University of Karachi’s very own beloved metal smith, the talented Mohammad Ismail who exhibits creatively crafted metal sculptures, titled ‘Laadla’ (A much loved male member of a family).

Fahim Rao-Stress Series 1
Abdullah Qamar-Urban Heaven

Show continues till January 30.


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