Exceptional Music-Ramsha’s ‘Daastanemarg’


Forget the music you have been listening to all along! We have no clue how wonderful and exceptional music our Pakistanis are making both locally and internationally. The multi talented Ramsha Shakeel, a Karachi-Toronto based musician has proved herself to be one of the most talented music composers within the country. With collaborations with the Forever South Collective and Gebruder Teichmann, Ramsha was one of the key musicians playing for the Goethe Institute and The Karachi Files at The Second Floor (T2F) in Karachi in late November this year.

Genuine experimentation with sound is a process which speaks to the listener about the authenticity, originality and creativity of a musician. Tapping into the buried treasures of harmonic talent within one’s sub conscious and conscious mind is a paradigm that only a few individuals get into. Ramsha has explored what constitutes for her as harmony and symphony, rising from the depths of her mind where she finds ideas about the cosmos and death, emotion and existence to be an inspiration for the wonderful art she has composed as music.


With a range of eclectic interests in art, graphic design, still imagery, astronomy and philosophy, Ramsha is a producer of instrumental music (along with being an excellent visual artist) which she creates out of her excellent command at a variety of instruments. She has previously worked with friends in musical groups. Music offers a subjective way of experiencing reality. My role as a musician is to sculpt harmonies out of sounds and vibrations which further the beauty of the cosmos.’, says Ramsha, as she has been able to explore what has always appealed to her tastes, resulting in bitter sweet compositions of lyrical harmony which converses with the listener about mourning, purity, ceaseless space and continuum.Ramsha’s process is mainly intuitive; she improvises as she writes music  Much of her music captures her mood which translates into the tempo she creates; a reflection of the state of minds of the people of her nativity. With much mellowness in the conditions that she has experienced, which is also heavily connected to the people around her, Ramsha identifies an independence with the process of creating music. Her first self-released album Daastanemarg (Fable of Sorrow) spoke out to the audience of the themes, inspirations, internal struggles and outward appearances she identifies with.

With the Karachi Files Team at The Second Floor (T2F), Karachi, November 2016

Her music is out there, to be heard, explored and shared. Following are some links to see which have access to her first EP.



Looking forward to her next EP Veils, to be released soon!






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