Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Annual Thesis Show 2016

Taken from my article published in Youlin Magazine.

Ayesha Naveed-Fine Arts

The Annual Degree Show at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture(IVS) showcased some unique and fascinating artworks as the graduating projects of its final year students. Opening on Monday, December 05, the thesis showcased works by four majors: Fine Arts, Communication Design, Interior Design and Textile Design. Students of Architecture also presented their year-long endeavors to a panel of jurists during the display.

Andrea Perpetual D’Souza-Fine Arts


Anum Jung-Charpoi Diaries

IVS welcomes the public to view the blooming talent and creative processes of its students. Vast studio spaces have been occupied by the graduates of Fine Arts, whose works adorn the walls in artificial lights and textures. The Fine Arts thesis comprises a variety of themes, evident in the form of versatile paintings, sculptures and mixed media. The collection largely consists of postmodern art, which does not strictly follow a particular narrative or discourse.

Ayesha Naveed has put up some gorgeous works featuring hues of deep blue on large canvases, depicting her father’s presence in her house. “I wanted to be like him. My work is an investigation of a sofa, a space in my house which is always occupied by him”, Ayesha comments on her work. Another graduate, Hafsa Sakaria follows a similar theme, but her work focuses on the fine balance that she has to maintain between her college studies and marital responsibilities. By using the motif of a fried egg, Hafsa paints unusual and mundane but visually striking objects that represent her daily routine and interactions. Some of the most intriguing works come from Andrea Perpetual D’Souza in the form of wall installations, where she uses toy animals to showcase her visions of a landscape. Bisma Raffat also exhibits great skill with charcoal and crayon by depicting the urban life of Karachi in the form of cage-like buildings. “Tall buildings covering the skyline resemble cage-like structures meant to trap. Through my visuals, I reconstruct spatial reality”, says Bisma.

Bisma Raffat-Fine Arts

Communication Design graduates had some fascinating ideas, dealing with contemporary issues including cultural narratives and daily social interaction. Sarak Safety (‘Road Safety’) by Owais Ahmed Khan is a series of eye-catching illustrations merged with photographs of ordinary people who often fail to understand the implications of carelessness when walking or crossing the road. Owais’s works serve as a reminder of how people can end up losing their loved ones if they are not cautious about road safety. Shan-e-Ali Chandani illustrates the poetic ‘Garbain’, taught to youngsters in the Ismaili community, in the form of engaging, colorful books and drawings. He uses illustration as a tool to get our youth more involved in the rich narrative of religious poetry. Other students have used their work to confront and spread awareness regarding current issues in Pakistan including honor killing, anti-feminist movements and harsh online shaming. However, despite having a pertinent theme, some of these works left something to be desired, and could have done with deeper thought and better implementation.

Khadija Khuzema-Thaali

Textile Design graduates showcased versatile works in the fields of weaving, embroidery and printmaking. Anum Jung’s impressive Charpoy Diaries takes inspiration from the thick threads and the patterns employed by our craftsmen in chaarpais (four-legged wooden beds with woven sheets). While seashells have previously been explored as a design area in textiles, Neha Qamar has created works inspired by the hues found in these shells. Other students have collaborated with local artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen to bring out the beauty of our textiles in the form of prints, clothes, furniture and bags.


A number of other students who have produced unique and innovative works include Umaima (Fine Arts), Anum Anjum Rajwani (Textile), Faizah Rafiq (Interior Design), Khadija Khuzema, Qandeel Hasan and Mahnoor Khawaja (Communication Design). The Degree Show of 2016 offers a multitude of themes – both new and old – exploring the lives of ordinary people, with a particular focus on their emotional aspect.

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