Travellin’ to Book Spots (The Last Bookstore in LA)


Book stores in different parts of the world can be quite interesting spots to explore for they can shed a light on cultures, people’s book preferences and tastes and pricing in a particular city. The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is a spooky place. It is built like a labyrinth , with many rooms and a large singular hall on the ground floor (1st floor as in the US).



It has those low, yellow, flickering lights, artistic expressions hanging in its corridors walls, rooms dedicated to art and design sections, woven fabric (lots of threads, thick knitted textiles), interesting paraphernalia such as magnifying glasses and sculptures and artist/writer talks.



There is some weird art on the walls.


The ground floor is one huge space with stacks and shelves of books ranging in popular subjects such as fiction and non-fiction, social sciences and science to less common books in the self-help and sexuality related subjects. And yes, there is one room fully dedicated to horror books!


The art room is full of books!


This makes my eyes swirl with greed


This makes me jubilant because I already have the alchemy  book fellas!!!


The Last Bookstore can put you out of your comfort zone quite easily with its strangely quiet, moody and surreal feel, those low lights and so many rooms with so much spooky stuff. One might wonder if the atmosphere should be, warmer (read friendlier)? However  it is quite a fantastic place to visit if you like to disconnect with the world for a while, grab a couch and pick up a book to read. The collection is huge, versatile and the pricing falls affordable for used books to medium-high for brand new ones. Be willing to spend hours in there folks to enjoy the place and get the right book for your interest.



Your comments are appreciated!

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