The Future is Now-at Art Chowke the Gallery


10 artists from Jamshoro open their group show at Art Chowke the Gallery, Karachi on August 18 (the show runs till August 31 5pm to 8pm). The drawings, mostly done as sketching, mixed media, hatching and ink offer the local symbolism of the Jamshoro city and the villages of the area, from where the inspiration of these talented artists stems from.

Each of the 10 male artists has shown his dexterity with the material they have used, being as simple as pencils, ink pens and ball points. Amazed at his patient skill in drawing, I discovered while speaking to Muhammad Majeeb that the detailing of his drawings took him 10-12 days which further portray not only the meticulous skill of him as an artist but portrays the the sheer cultural notes of the village he hails from. He does them proud by drawing the knitting patterns and the thick knitted cloth of his birth town. Waqas Khatri expresses his political opinion by sketching what appears to be a current political leader, in a skillful fashion. Saeed Lakho, Faiz M Supro, Abid Hussain and Farooque Ali Chandio express the importance of objects from the interior Sindh which actually symbolize the ever green culture and nationalistic pride.

Muhammad Mujeeb-Untitled
Muhammad Mujeeb-Untitled
Saeed Lakho-Boki 2
Saeed Lakho-Boki II


Naeem Akhtar-Alan
Naeem Akhtar-Alan
Farooque Ali Chandio-Dabake II
Farooque Ali Chandio-Dabake II (Sindhi Basket)
Faiz M Supro-Tanga
Faiz M Supro-Tanga

On a different note Shahid Aziz believes that technology is what the future is about and his drawings portray just the same which are a unique assembly of nuts and bolts all meshed in together. Naeem Akhtar believes in the strength of the children he teaches in Karachi, all young and eager to learn and grow. Moved by their innocent visage, Naeem puts forward his drawings of them, as a symbol of what the future will be. Zameer Hussain and Shafiq Tunio express their love of their culture and their geography with expressive drawings with the local taangaa and homes of the people as their subjects.

It is satisfying to see these artists come forward with such works and being facilitated with modern mainstream galleries.





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