Games and Design- Daalaan takes cultural essence of the Pakistani Courtyard to International Dubai Design Week

Girls Spinning-Sketch
Girls Spinning-Sketch
Playing Kanchay-Sketch
Playing Kanchay-Sketch

What is it about our childhood games that captivated us so much that all we wanted to do when we met our friends from the street or the neighborhood or our cousins was to play and care about nothing else? Is it the thrill of breaking the pillar made by the pittu stones, or the pride of striking a thumb at our mates in chupan chupai, the whirl in our heads as we held hands and spun fast on the ground pr simply the joy of collecting those beautiful kanchaas after a winning game? In short, our games in the terraces of our homes or the courtyards have led us to believe that simple joy can be achieved out of uncomplicated games-activities that have defined the Pakistani culture. What better than to infuse these games and their subtleties into design and take them on a platform where we believe that not only the local, but the international community must know about the very essence of what makes the Pakistani culture so ever green and the contemporary design so aesthetically prolific. A team of 8 designers and artists under one curator takes this design intervention to Dubai Design Week this year in October, with Daalaan.

Daalaan, inspired from the courtyard will be an open space in the international Design Week at Dubai and will see installations with silk screens, products, interesting brochures and packaging accompanying the entire designed space. The essence of Daalaan lies in the Pakistani courtyard where adults and children alike have made a space for themselves and experienced games of joy, discussions, sounds and smells of the outdoors. The concept is to portray the endless lure of this courtyard with all its activities, from playing hand games to feeling the manja of the kite, from enjoying captivating board games to waiting for the moment when the ball strikes the pittu tower. This team of 8 has efficiently developed their ideas, existing in the very fabric of our social structure and brought them out in products and space installations. From the logo and its colors to the material used in the products, Daalaan sees that design is uniquely merged with the cultural concept, providing the onlooker with a refreshing experience.

3d logo           

Logo-inspired from the Chaukandi Tombs in Pakistan, realized in Urdu, which can be used as a graphic or architectural motif in a variety of forms.

The processing shows the details that have been taken care of while designing and manufacturing the products.

pittuu         pitt

Terra Cotta pieces, inspired from the game of Pittu, decorated with forms inspired from Kashikari from Hala, Sindh.

pr            processssing

Offset Printing with natural dyes to embody the shade of the country’s soil, a blend of henna and terracotta.

lattoo stool           process

Furniture in Progress- Stool (inspired from lattoo) and Table (inspired from kanchaay)

Dubai Design Week takes place from 26-31 October, 2015, showcasing designers from all over the world. The core team of Salman Jawed (curator for the team) and Mustafa Mehdi of Coalesce Design Studio, Ali S. Hussain and Faiza Adamjeee along with talented designers and artists comprising Hamza Masood Khan, Zaid Hameed, Hina Fancy, Muniba Rashid and Saad Khurshid  will see that Daalaan will showcase at the Pakistani Pavilion at Dubai Design Week where it will be a part of Abwab (doors in Arabic) which will showcase works on the same theme by 5 other countries, which include Tunisia, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE. Abwaab acts as the portal to each region which will portray “The Element of Play in Culture”. Daalaan will see not only these creative screens installations at the Dubai but also three unique tables with the games merged within the design dynamics of the products, engaging brochures and packaging and a sound installation, ranging from the chirping of the birds in our very courtyards to that distinctive roar of the rickshaw in the street. In short, it is an embodiment of all things Pakistani, symbolically blended with today’s contemporary product and graphic design.

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