Volunteer for a Cause! TCF Career Counseling 2015-16

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While The Citizens Foundation is one of the largest NGOs in Asia and is operating its chapters in countries like USA, UK, Italy and UAE, many of us do not know about the organization. TCF has 1,060 schools all over Pakistan in the poorest parts with a student strength of 165,000 children, where quality education is provided to children of the lesser privileged class. With keeping no compromises in the quality that is delivered, TCF has multiple volunteering programs for its students that focus on mentoring them through summer courses, career guidance and even educating their mothers and elder women in the communities through adult literacy programs.

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TCF currently needs volunteers for the Career Counseling program which is held all over Pakistan. This session sees counselors meet with the students for a one on one session in TCF schools where in 45 minutes the students gets to discuss future educational and career opportunities. It is because of not only diligent teachers and a focused work force, but also volunteers, that TCF has been able to successfully mentor its students and one can see the result in the form of the kids getting enrollments in top universities. You can contribute for a one day activity (or more!) by following the details below.

When? September-January (Individual day sessions on Saturdays, 9 am-1pm)

Session One-September 5th, TCF Cowasjee Campus, Mauripur, 9 am-1pm (including training)

Where? TCF Schools (Qayumabad and Mauripur campuses)

How? Register at http://tcf.org.pk/VolunteerRequest.aspx

(For queries email at careercounseling@tcf.org.pk )

Why? Because your involvement matters!


Your comments are appreciated!

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