“Kal Aaj Kal” at VM Art Gallery: Insight into Time and Memory

zeenat wardrobe of memories acrylic on canvas


The most recent exhibition at the VM Art Gallery in Karachi has exhibited 16 works by the prolific Zeenat Rizvi, Tooba Rooman, Kiran Saeed, Nausheen Khan and Maira Abid under the title “Kal Aaj Kal”; an insightful display of dexterity, aesthetics and the past and present of Karachi through the artists’ eyes. Intriguing, curious and absorbing, the works involve an art aficionado into not only thought and perspective but is also able to make any onlooker to peer at the amazing brush and pastel work.

The 5 participating female artists hold a collective view that while an individual may be in the present, he/she is always woven into some linear scoop of time, struggling with memories distant in time. Every time there is an occurrence, which is always at every second of the passing hour, the mind either makes new memories or uses past memories. The process is never ending as an individual is constantly reminded of the times he/she has experienced and the ones he/she are involved with at the present moment.

zeenat memories ink on paper


Works by Zeenat Rizvi explore the shift in memories and the imprinting of those events in our minds. Works titled Wardrobe of Memories and Memories are simple yet breath-taking in the tiny details they offer to an onlooker, inter-tangling lines can be seen which could represent the mixture of memories to one interpreter- new and old memorial events to another.

Nausheen Khan has represented her vision of the Karachi city with a colorful array of soft pastels on canvas, an approach which reminds us of the futuristic art movement back at the advent of modern art. The hues seem to remind us of photographs captured of the bright city in fast moving vehicles, full of energy, light and memories.

nausheen nite life pastels


Kiran Saeed has focused on memories that have been created and the time that is passing constantly, never stopping. Her other works have also shown the dazzling parts of life in the form of brand new shoes, as a reminder that one can never know the real scenarios as long as one focuses on just the glittering gold.

kiran saeed acrylic on canvas


Tooba Rooman has expressed her views on the current critical situations in the city of lights, in the form of a bouquet of roses, wrapped in newspaper circling news about death. Indeed, we have turned insensitive to the news of gore and blood, let alone wrap a congratulatory flower bouquet in paper full of death.



maira abid mixed media


The works of these emerging fine artists shed light on the current scenarios and the memories one has made in a city like Karachi. With this proficient display of art in Karachi’s leading art gallery, we can further expect great and inspiring art from these artists in the not so distant future.

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