Crafts of Sindh

So what is it about Sindh that makes it fascinating to study and explore? To our knowledge it is the rich culture marked by an interesting history. However most of us are unaware that within the province lie towns and villages where artisans are producing top quality crafts.My recent trip with my cohorts at University of Karachi turned out to be quite an eye opener when we came across craftsmen creating such wonderful pieces of art. It is tragic to learn that the rate of production and profit has plummeted due to lack of provisions and monetary assets. I personally believe these items created with much skill and toil can be brought into limelight both locally and internationally; on domestic grounds quite some revival is required, as it is just sad to see the hard work going to waste.

 Image    Image









 The pottery and the glaze work at Hala and Bhitshah.

Just look at the intricate detailing on the brown bowl above. Isn’t it just perfect?

Pottery is made on manual potter’s wheels as the clay is obtained from near the Indus river basin. The workmen usually have a day’s target in which they manage to prepare the clay and make the required articles. 


Below is a worker making “jandi” furniture. It is quite a process involving making wooden urns on a lathe machine and then dyeing them with attractive coloring. 



 I really don’t understand why we would do nothing about our very own hard working, skillful craftsmen who work in harsh climatic conditions only to face a downfall in their work due to lack of facilities.The respective interior areas also make, patterned textiles, jewelry, household items and accessories. Im sure it will be heartening to see a revival of such cultural products. The art and craft of our interior areas must be appreciated and brought forward before the public.

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