FRESH! Group Show at Amin Gulgee Gallery

FRESH! is the latest exhibition put forward by Pakistani artist Amin Gulgee at the Amin Gulgee Gallery which features 64 national artist under 30, right under one roof. Curated by Amin Gulgee and co curated by Saba Iqbal and Raania Azam Khan Durrani, the group show brings forward the prolific artists, all coming forward with unique pieces of art, marking their individuality and skill on the art forum.  I must say the show is a clear reflection of how much our art has matured over the decades into diverse portrayals of ideas, concepts and skills.

FRESH! can be best described as one of the most diverse exhibitions ever put together in Karachi. From huge canvasses splattered in red and black to tiny miniatures painted on egg shells, FRESH! comes about with a blend of all that is symbolic of contemporary fine art;  sculptures, video installments, photography, wide material exploration, mixed media and paintings.

Out of the various works that I found interesting, TBP’s sound performance was particularly compelling. “Room” featured a black boxed room with surreal sound installment, urging the on comer to experience the tranquility, anxiety within.

Mahvish Ehsan Brings forward terra cotta sculpture exploring the unity and the diversity found in themes of Islamic Art.

ImageNafs-ur-Rahman- Breath of the Compassionate by Mahvish Ehsan

Madeeha Iqbal explores the formless by balancing out dynamic visuals and harmony in her art piece which was over whelming to look at.


Red Mind by Madeeha Iqbal

The show also explores issues within the country’s political, gender and freedom frameworks with works form artists like Malghalara Kalim, Najia Omer and Farihan Muhammad.


IS It Really Protective by Malghalara Kalim

Fariha Muhammad experiments with making fine miniatures on egg shells, representing Pakistani icons and legends.


Yaadgar Anday by Fariha Muhammad

The effort put together by the curators and the administration is definitely worth appreciating. Participating artists were from local institutions like Karachi University’s Visual Studies Department, Indus Valley School of Art, NCA and foreign schools. One gets to explore the freshest Pakistani art under one roof with pieces made up with latex and acrylic to finding intricate detailing on egg shells. The diversity within the themes was evident when as an interpreter you find works representing mother hood by Bakkh Pirzada, the representation of human lust in the form of filthy maggots put forward as sculpture and poetry by Fatima Sabeekah, coalescing the Orient with the Occident as so vividly painted by Summayya Jillani, the portrayal of human decadence by Falak Noor and the video work by Nida Ramzan which focuses on the female body and its relationships to everyday objects within various spaces. Truly, the art speaks for itself.



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